Important Information

Members will need their GUI card to access the Club's new computer system which will be up and running shortly.
(If a new card is required contact the Hon. Secretary. A small cost will be required for a replacement).
Some cards are still at Reception awaiting collection.

Members will also require their Allen Park membership card to access the renovated changing rooms. 
Contact Reception if you need a replacement. A small cost will be required

 Derek Ervine (Ulster Branch, GUI) and Joan Miller (Ulster Branch, ILGU) along with Wilma Young and Billy Clelland at the opening of our new clubhouse  along with
some photos of the new development

The new Schierbeek Pavilion is named after Dr Roelof Schierbeek who was the past CEO of British Enkalon and who set up the Enkalon Foundation which provided part of the funding for the renovations at Allen Park as well as providing funding for other recent  initiatives in the Antrim area.