This years prizes were presented to the winners in the Allen Park Restaurant on Saturday, 19th December.


Stephen Hamill Trophy  - James Wilson
Antrim Borough Council Cup  - Alan Vance
Jimmy Magee Memorial
- Brian T Moore
Crystal Classic Trophy - Keith McCullough
Professional’s Trophy
- Robert Doak
Rose Bowl   - John Rock
McKeown Jewellers - Derek Breet
Greers of Antrim Trophy - Wesley Drummond
Robert Moore Cup
         - Chris Smart
Matchplay Pairs   - Ryan Brown&Stephen Bann
Townparks Cup      - Ryan Brown
Matchplay Singles   - Johnny McAloney
Northern Bank Cup   - Brian A Moore
Turtles of Antrim Cup- Greer Ferguson
Allen Park Restaurant- Keith McCullough
McCullough Transport Cup - John McMeekin
Captains Day Cup - James Wilson
McCormacks The Butchers Cup- Arthur Stringer
Friends of Antrim Trophy
- Brian Ingram
Mark Moore Memorials Cup
  - Bryan Irvine
The Kandy Shop Trophy   - Brendan Maguire
The Lucas Cup  - Chris Totten                                                                      
President’s Cup  - Chris Smart