One Governing Body

One Governing Body (OGB) – Golf Club Update

May 2017

The One Governing Body Discussions Group (DG) has held sixteen meetings to date and is making progress in a timely manner. April and May have been focused on receiving and reviewing the reports and recommendations drafted by eight of the Working Groups (WG’s) established in 2016.

The WG’s were established in 2016 to ensure progress in a number of areas, with importance placed on Golf Clubs and the development of the game. This can be seen through the dedicated WG’s in the areas of Club Services, Game Development and Future Club Formation. The WG’s have been researching current key practices and recommending what areas needs to be addressed to satisfy club needs in the potential new governing body.

The Future Club Formation, Rules, Handicapping/Course Rating and Volunteering WG’s have reported back to the DG with their key recommendations and the DG will now await recommendations from the remaining groups. WG reports will be reviewed and suitable and feasible proposals will be taken forward into the draft proposal for OGB for Golf in Ireland.

The WG’s which have reported back have outlined some essential recommendations, in the areas


Future Club Formation




Club Management/Committee Structures



- Structure of Members versus Proprietary




Owned Clubs




Good Governance

Handicapping/Course Rating




National/Regional Course


National/Regional Rules Committee(s)


Rating Structure


Rules schools exams


National/Regional Handicapping

- Role of Rules in the new OGB




Essential Equipment

- Bogey and Scratch setup



- Slope education at club level

listed below, amongst many others:

There is a dedicated One Governing Body website which provides the public with the opportunity to consult on all relevant materials relating to OGB for Golf in Ireland:

General queries from Golf Clubs and members should be directed to:


One Governing Body

Sinead Heraty, CEO,

Pat Finn, CEO,

Irish Ladies’ Golf Union

Golfing Union of Ireland

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