June 2017

All eight One Governing Body Working Groups (WG’s) have reported back to the OGB Discussions Group (DG) and presented their reports and have proposed key recommendations for OGB for Golf in Ireland. 

These WG’s are Volunteerism, Championships, Game Development, Future Club Formation, High Performance, Rules, Club Services and Handicapping/Course Rating.

The DG are reviewing these proposals and will take forward the recommendations they feel are more suitable and those which will work well alongside each other, to ensure a cohesive and well thought out proposal for OGB. 

The recent report commissioned by the Confederation of Golf in Ireland (CGI), which focused on the level of participation in golf in Ireland, highlighted the decline in the number of younger people taking up the game. 

The DG had already identified the need to tackle this area under the OGB umbrella and sought assistance in developing new initiatives to engage more people in golf in the future. The Game Development WG detailed extensive and very useful recommendations in this area, while the Club Services WG looked at how to increase the provision of offerings to clubs in the future. 

The most recent WG’s which have reported back have outlined some essential recommendations, in the areas listed below, amongst many others:

Club Services
- Prioritising and identifying key services to clubs 
- Regionally based club services
- Ease of access – OGB website 

High Performance 
- Joint national and regional HP structures 
- Performance panels 
- Team Ireland – Emerging Professionals 
- Pathway from Junior Golf to HP

- Geographical spread
- Suite of national and regional competitions and scheduling 
- Reviewing current structure of inter-provincial championships  

Game Development 
- Increasing participation at all levels 
- Family orientated  
- Junior development & young adult golf 
- Facilities availability 

The DG will be holding Consultation meetings with Club members throughout July/August and these will be focused on gaining insight from members into some of the recommendations under consideration for the DG. 

There is a dedicated One Governing Body website which provides the public with the opportunity to consult on all relevant materials relating to OGB for Golf in Ireland: www.onegoverningbody.com

General queries from Clubs and members should be directed to: onegoverningbody@gmail.com

Pat Finn, CEO
Golfing Union of Ireland
Sinead Heraty, CEO
Irish Ladies’ Golf Union